SAEC Implements New Method for PDD Certificate Distribution

This year the SEAS Arkansas Educational Conference (SAEC) will implement a new method for distributing PDD certificates to attendees. Instead of printing certificates on-site for attendees to pick-up in person during the event, as has been the procedure in the past, certificates will now be available to print or download online.

Here is an overview of how the new online certificates will work:

A few days after the conference wraps up, attendees will receive an email with instructions on how to login to the online survey/certificate portal. Once their user account is confirmed, the attendee can login to the portal and see all available certificate options for the conference. Their individual certificate will be highlighted as a link. Clicking on the link will open the post-event survey. Upon completing the survey their certificate will be available to download, print and/or save. The portal will be available year-round so attendees can access their certificates anytime.

More details on the exact date of availability and how to access the portal will be available as the conference approaches.

With this new online system, SEAS asks that attendees double check their email addresses when registering for the conference. The email address entered during registration will also be used when accessing your individual certificate portal.

If you have any questions you can email us at