Margaret Ford

Margaret Ford

DDS Early Childhood Administrator
Developmental Disabilities Services

Session Time and Location:

9:00 am – 10:00 am
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Thursday, July 27
Room 209


My BSE, Special Education and Special Education Supervisor hours were obtained at UCA and MSE, Teaching Severe Profound at UALR. The past 40 years have been spent in the ever changing world of special education in a variety of settings. Experience in elementary self-contained, Jr. High and Sr. High Resource Rooms, multi-disabled grades K-HS. The last 30 years have been in Early Childhood Special Education. I served as the Early Childhood Coordinator for one of the Education Service Cooperatives for 11 years and I worked seven years in a DDS Licensed Preschool Program. I have experience, a combined 12 years, with DDS being responsible for the monitoring, training and technical assistance for the DDS Licensed programs serving children ages 3-5, as well as serving as the liaison with the ADE, Special Education Unit.

Margaret’s Session

What’s New With DDS Early Childhood?

We will provide information and opportunity for discussion regarding changes in DDS Early Childhood over the past year.