Kris Shinn

Kris Shinn

Vice President
Above All Else Inc.


Session Time and Location:

9:00 am – 10:00 am
10:30 am – 11:30 am
Thursday, July 27
Room 208


Kris Shinn was raised in the “All American” family growing up. In 2003, his world changed drastically when he was told that his son had severe autism, would never speak and eventually have to be institutionalized. Determined not to accept the prognosis, he began on this journey that has led him to places all over the United States.

Mr. Shinn holds a Business Administration Degree from Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, AR. He currently serves as the Vice President of Above All Else Inc. which he and his wife, Brandi co- own. Above All Else Inc. is a consulting firm providing teacher workshops, staff trainings, Crisis Management Training, autism, behavioral and educational consulting and support services for the educational cooperatives, universities, school districts, state and nonprofit organizations, private agencies, individual families, in addition to religious organizations across the state.
Kris is one of two parents, of a special needs child nationwide, to obtain the certified instructor status with PCMA as a Professional Crisis Management Trainer. (The other parent is also an employee of AAE). Kris is also a Certified Behavior Tools Instructor and has conducted trainings within Arkansas and surrounding states. Kris’ first book, “We Win: A Fathers Journey through Autism” was released in January 2015.

Kris resides in Greenbrier with his wife Brandi and five children where they are actively involved in their children’s activities. In his free time, Kris enjoys playing golf, listening to sports stations, and being with his family.

Kris’s Session

Facing The Giants

One thing that has drastically changed over the last decade is the giants we face in our classrooms. They don’t appear with a gun, a knife or weapons of bodily destruction; but what they are armed with is damaging in its own right and taking a toll on educators everywhere. Many of the students in and out of our classrooms display an overwhelming amount of disrespect for others, refusal to work, exhibits a strong disregard for authority and property, lies when it suits them or exhibits aggressive behaviors. And this is in addition to ALL the normal behaviors of students such as talking too much, getting out of seat without permission, or sleeping in class. Most educators have experience working with students who refuse to comply with classroom expectations or who are unable to perform to their true potential due to behavioral deficits. In recent years, students have been sited with ‘behavioral exceptionality’ by a medical team but have failed to receive a formal diagnosis or have failed to meet the criteria for any additional educational or behavioral support. This interactive presentation will focus on the source of unwanted behaviors and the interventions to reduce or eliminate them. A step by step approach of how to prepare for the realities of “in the moment” behavior will also be given. The presenter will also share discipline ideas for turning a potentially explosive situation into one of constructive learning.

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand behavior and how to handle with behavioral concerns
  • Information regarding specific conditions which exhibit inappropriate or odd behaviors
  • Recognize differences in behavioral accommodations and behavioral modification strategies and interventions
  • Discuss a step-by-step approach to dealing with frustration and meltdowns in the moment
  • Initiate a “thinking outside the box” mentality regarding behaviors